Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Dallas Seminary Podcast Table Discussion on Pope Francis I

Back in February I offered a few reflections on the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI. Since that time, of course, the College of Cardinals has elected a new Bishop of Rome, the former Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who has taken the name of Francis I. Francis's elevation was historic in that he is the first Pope from the New World as well as the first Pope hailing from the global South. Like his two predecessors John Paul and Benedict, he is conservative theologically. Yet, in what is often jarring for Westerners, he has wed his theological conservatism to deep personal humility and an almost liberationist concern for the poor and marginalized.

How ought we who are Protestants—in particular, Evangelicals and those from the Reformed and Lutheran confessional traditions—respond? My old friend Darrell Bock has assembled a fine panel (Lanier Burns and Scott Horrell from Dallas Seminary, Leopoldo Sanchez from Concordia Seminary) to discuss this very issue, making my job much simpler! The podcast may be viewed either on Dallas Seminary's website or on YouTube. Enjoy and learn!

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